Daylesford Wedding Ceremony

Daylesford Wedding Ceremony

This week’s wedding was at the beautiful Jubilee Lake where I performed a beautiful Daylesford Wedding Ceremony.

Jubilee Lake is the spa country’s hidden gem with its large car park, on site accommodation, and spectacular views of the lake and surrounds.

Located only 2.5 km from the heart of Daylesford and an quick 90 minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD – Jubilee Lake is an amazing Daylesford Wedding Ceremony location. I love this location  especially because it is pet friendly – making it and ideal location when incorporating your beloved fur babies into your Daylesford Wedding Ceremony.

Jubilee Lake also offers a spectacular Wedding Ceremony location in Autumn with all of the trees and foliage turning gorgeous shades of rusts, oranges and earthy tones – always an amazing backdrop for your wedding photographs.

What a stunning backdrop for the gorgeous bride Lisa & handsome groom Mick to exchange their wedding vows. I was honoured to be a part of their special day and especially loved the opportunity to perform a Daylesford Wedding Ceremony in such a natural setting. 

An absolutely stunning wedding which was intimate and heartfelt – with their relaxed influence on their wedding style and beautiful flower crown decorating the bride’s head this wedding was enjoyed by all.

Congrats Mr & Mrs Primmer!!

We wish you a long and happy marriage. – Contact Marry Me Helley for your next Wedding Ceremony