A Commitment Ceremony is like a wedding Ceremony, with the only difference being, it is not legally binding.

Couples choose a Commitment Ceremony for various reasons, with the most popular reason being they have previously married in a short, legal wedding and did not celebrate with the family and friends.

In the past, Same Sex Couples sometimes chose to have a Commitment Ceremony to celebrate their love before Marriage Equality became legal.

During these days of COVID-19, some couples are still proceeding with a short legal wedding and then organising a big celebration for a later date.

And whilst this is not exactly what they had originally planned, couples can opt to have a Celebration with all their loved ones later!

At this Celebration, the Couple could choose to reaffirm their wedding vows in front of their guests by having a Commitment Ceremony, just like a real wedding.

Here are the differences between a Legal Wedding and a Commitment Ceremony.

  • The Celebrant would need to advise the guests that it is not a legal wedding,
  • The Celebrant does not read out the definition of marriage (known as the Monitum)
  • There is no need for all the legal paperwork.

This Ceremony can be exactly like a full wedding service and can include, readings, poems, involvement of family, personal vows and ring exchange, even down to having your original attendants.

This is a great way to celebrate and just imagine the stories you could include on your first few months of married life!

Additionally, at Marry Me Helley, we even organise a special personalised Certificate for the occasion.

If you wish to get married now, during the COVID-19 crisis, Marry Me Helley can perform a Legal wedding (according to current restrictions) for $300 and then, at your celebration later – a Commitment Ceremony for $400.

Two ceremonies for the price of one!

Give us a call if you are interested.